Please fix problems before adding new "enhancements"

I see some bizarre awards system has just been implemented. I imagine somebody is thrilled with it, but it just adds more clicks for me to get past it. Meanwhile, some pretty annoying problems with these new pop-ups, which have already been brought up, still exist. You guys are very quick to point out that we have our priorities wrong when we request things like new languages. So allow me point out that you have your priorities wrong when you add something that’s broken, then add something else before fixing the broken thing.

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@Wulfgar - We used to show these statistics in the info pane in the dashboard when you clicked that button. This was not convenient because it replaced whatever you were last looking at on the lesson page with the info pane. We decided to go back to having a popup for this although we did separate the information into two panes to make sure it was clear. However, we are sorry it is not working for some users. We are looking into this and hope to have it fixed soon.