Please fix delayed translation issue

This issue has been one of the most annoying things about LingQ and I’ve encountered it for the nearly two years I’ve been using the app (which I otherwise love).

It’s a pretty elementary and common issue that I’m surprised it hasn’t been fixed yet. So many times when I’m reading an article or book the translation will be delayed. What I mean is that when I click ‘Translate sentence’ often it is showing the translation for the previous slide of text (or sometimes the next one, or one farther away).

There are tonnes of examples including in the content that comes with LinqQ, so I know it’s not a problem just with the content I’m importing. For instance I noticed this happening a lot in Steve’s book about learning languages. The example I’ve just come across is in

I forgot to mention, it does seem inconsitent. So I’m not sure others will be able to replicate it in the same lesson.

And sometimes the delay will go away if you cancel out of the lesson, and then reload the lesson. But that’s not something I really want to have to do.

Yeah it is very annoying but I am kinda accustomed to it. It always happens with every German lesson when studying in sentence mode. Maybe use translation tool and put English translation there then start reading in parallel this way reading is much faster and takes care of this issue.

Not all lessons at the moment are split properly with correct audio timestamps unfortunately. We can’t control all content uploaded by all users and make sure it’s correctly adjusted. Hopefully after we launch update to 5.0 version it will be much easier to handle this and correctly re-split all imported lessons. That’s on our list.