Please explain the difference between FREE and Premium Lingq?

I had signed up as a Premium member, but soon after I downgraded to FREE because I really didn’t see a difference.
Also, I am probably not taking full advantage of Lingq because I don’t understand how to manuveur.
I’m sure that I could get more out of Lingq if I understood my way around the program better. It’s like owning a Porsche and not knowing how to get out of 1st gear.

With free Lingq you can make only a few number of links. With premium the number of links is unlimited. As making links is one of the main features of the program, you had better go back to premium. Just give it a try and spend a few weeks in becoming familiar with LINGQ.

Thank you for the reply. Ok, I guess one big issue I have is WHAT IS A LINK? I don’t understand the concept. How do you make these links?

just watch the tutorial videos, they will get you going. They are here and on youtube

First of all open a lesson, you’ll see only blue words (at the beginning). You already know some of these words, some of them you don’t know. Click on a word that you don’t know, you’ll see the meaning of the word on the right side of your screen. If you click on the translation, the word will become LINGQ and its color will no longer be blue but yellow. If you complete the lesson the words that you already know will be marked as known words automaticaly and if you encounter them again, you’ll notice them because they will be turned to white color.

If you start a new lesson you’ll see three different types of words: blue, yellow and white.

Blue means: The words that you haven’t encoutered yet. If you don’t know what a word means, create LINGQ. If you know what it means, mark it as known word or just complete the lesson, they would be marked automaticaly.

Yellow means: You have encountered them but you don’t know the meaning of the word so you “lingqed” itor in other words you saved it. If you click on it, you can see the definition or translation that you saved.

White means: The words that you have seen before and know what it means.

I hope that this helps. I am sure that a moderator can explain it much better.

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LingQ*. It’s when you click on a blue word in your lesson and click one of the hints on the side and turn it into a yellow highlighted word/phrase. I know, this site is really confusing for beginners, at least it was for me.

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