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it is not polite to require for helping like this, but i get frustrated now. i have designed some tasks for students but i can’t do it well without your help. please help me read these following sentences like VOA special english. thank you very much indeed.

It is true of false?
1, Mai lived in Japan for more than ten years
2, they are talking about Japanese New Year
3, the housewives didn’t cook special food
4, Japanese New Year lasts five days
5, they don’t clean their houses before the New Year
6, they decorate their houses with trees and flowers
7, they exchange gifts and cards
8, they never watch tv on the New Year’s Eve
9, they don’t wear kimonos
10, they eat special food.
Answer these questions
1, how long did Mai live in Japan?
2, who are talking about the Japanese new Year?
3, who cook traditional food in Japan? Men or women?
4, do they clean their houses?
5, what do they decorate their houses with?
6, do they exchange gifts and cards in this occasion?
7, what do they wear on the New Year Days?
8, what do they eat on the New Year Days?
9, what do they drink?
10, what do they do on the New Year’s Eve?
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