Please define the date of "last year"

I have a question. In my progress snapshot, there are 9 choices of time span, namely
Last 7 days
Last 2 weeks
Last month
Last 3 months
Last 6 months
Last year
All time.
When I hear “last year” on 26th Dec. 2013, I assume it refers to the year of 2012. However, I think “last year” here means the time span from 27th Dec. 2012 to 26th Dec. 2013. I’m a little confused about the definition of “last year”. Why don’t you say “last one year” instead of “last year” ? And then when does "this year"represent ?

@Yoko_566 - I believe “last year” should show your statistics since January 1st of the current year, but I can double check if you like!

Would you mind checking it? I’m interested in this problem. When I change the interface from English to Japanese, “last year” changes to”昨年”, and it means “the previous year”, 2012. It sounds a little strange for Japanese people.
If “last year” shows our statistics since January 1st of this current year, will it become zero at the 1st of the new year?

@Yoko_566 - I see, in that case it would just be an issue with the translation. We’ll look at updating this to make it more obvious!

As a native speaker of Italian, I also perceive “last year” (“l’anno scorso”) as “the year before the current one”, i.e. 2012 for a few more days. “Over the last year” (“nell’ultimo anno” / “durante l’ultimo anno”) means to me “during the last 365 days”. This is not the thing I would most like to be improved, but if you can rephrase it, someone will be happy. (You’d make me happy by bringing the “Accent” field back :D)

@Yoko_566 - By the way, it is actually the last 12 months, not year to date or the previous year :slight_smile:

Then, it would be better to write “last 12 months”, I guess.