PLEASE! Could some people do me a favor?

I found that CNN actually provides a full transcript of each CNN Student News Podcast. I converted it to an mp3, and imported it. I can’t say how much I like it. It’s funny, casual, spontaneous, genuine English. So here are the problems.

Since I converted them from m4v format to mp3, can I share them in the public library here? Issues like the copyrights of big companies concern me. I would be most grateful if people who see this can help me ask CNN that question, and also persuade CNN to provide MP3 audio-only files. Not only for the LingQ library, but also for people whose players don’t support m4v files.

Let them know it is many people’s need, not just mine.

Often times, Companies will give permission to use such material for educational purchases…as long as you aren’t charging a fee for access to it.

Did CNN ever respond to your request?

the most radio station do no - neither response nor permition - unfortunately!

I guess they just ignored the request. I converted and imported every shows(more than 50 shows), but can not share. It’s very profligate.