Please correct for me!

¡hola! me llamo James y estoy aprendiendo con lingq. Ya hablo inglés y un poco de español. ¡ lingq es muy bien! Me gusta mucha aprender los idiomas y con lingq porque es muy fácil. Estoy liendo muchos textos y mi español es mejorando más rapido.

This is not how it works, you have to pay tutors to correct your texts, you can get points by buying them or buy becoming an English tutor.

Okay, Sorry. It is just that I’ve seen others correct texts for free. Also, I can’t but points. I’ll get making some english content then! How is it I get people to send me writing?

People are free to interact with each other as they wish. You may invite people to skype with you or exchange writing correction by email. However we prefer not to use our Forums as places for writing correction.

We feel that there is more value in using our writing correction, and discussion formats at LingQ since the reports that result from them are integrated with the rest of the learning system at LingQ. The choice is up to each member, however.

You may try lang-8 ( ) - it’s free, but you never know when it will be corrected and how the correction quality will be.

I recommend a LingQ tutor, it will cost you some points, but you will get a detailed correction with explainations and hints within a few hours or a day.