Please call me "tora-san."

Hi, yes the “?” wasn’t needed, sorry about this, I recently wrote Yutaka - San on your wall.

@ 虎-3 ? I tried to look up tora and only found tiger, not ducks. If tora does indeed mean Tiger, should you not use the equivalent of duck-3? By the way, there is a famous poem by William Blake “The Tiger” (or Tyger, as it was spelt then): Tiger, tiger burning bright…

@Tora - San, I looked back to the date when I posted it and found that something must have gone wrong as it is not there. It was simply a “keep up the good work message” as I know how hard you work on your written English, I was simply congratulating you.

@Tora san

Yes it was, I think it was the same day.

I don’t want to bother your conversation, I think tora-san’s username is sort of funny! Cute, cheeky funny.