Please BLOCK allhadrs

An apparent spammer has posted on the forum. Please remove the thread.

Yes, you are right. I sent a message to Mark in his wall.

Yes, very important. Maybe we should have the option that some long time members are able to block a user? I was a moderator on a German forum and I had the option to do this immediately. It is a problem if Mark is absent for some hours. I suspect he needs some sleep :wink: You should think about this. I know it is not easy. Just think about it.

I’ve also sent an e-mail to support@lingq, someone is bound to see it soon.

Should we pity the poor soul for needing to be so offensive??


the other day I listened to a Norwegian podcast where they discussed a book called “generation sex”. It’s about today’s teenagers who grow up with the internet and get exposed to pornographic content very early on. What the consequences of that are I don’t really know. I guess there is nothing we can do about that, but I agree that links to adult websites should be removed here.


I have it removed that user and thread. Thanks for letting us know.