Please add skrill into way of paying

Please add skrill or something better than Paypal/credit card. not everybody has credit card, and Paypal is full of errors. I for example am waiting 4 days to make my premium account but there are th still some mistakes. pity…

@Kmieciu - PayPal should work in most cases, and we do have paying members in Poland who pay using PayPal, so I’m not quite sure why it isn’t working. Which errors are you seeing when trying to upgrade?

By the way, adding additional payment systems is actually very difficult and expensive, so we’re not looking to add any new payment systems at this time.

I want to have premium account.
I click upgrade button
then i choose paypal, and fill all gaps with my data
then I choose subscribe, and appears new window.
then i log in with my paypal account
and then they want me to give them my credit card numbers. i dont have credit card.

how to solve it?

of course my paypal account is verified


@Kmieciu - Ah, I wonder if this is a restriction for PayPal in Poland. PayPal operates slightly differently in each country, since the legislation is different. If you’re unable to sign up for the recurring membership with PayPal then you can go here to purchase a non-recurring membership: Login - LingQ