Please add Pinyin to Chinese transcription and Romanji to Japanese transcriptions


When you want to learn one of those languages that don’t use Latin characters, it is very useful to have a Latin transcription of the phrases, for the rithm which you learn the sounds is not the same that the rithm you learn their written language.
That’s why exist Pinyin and Romanji.

This happens in another Oriental language sites like or .

I think I post already this recommendation but I didn’t find the answer.

Thank you in advance.



We do have some items with Romaji in our Japanese section. The Babylon provides the pronunciation for words. We have added links to other dictionaries and can add more if people tell us which dictionaries they want.

As for other tools and features specific to Asian languages, this is going to have to wait until we finish our basic system. It is definitely something we are going to do. One step at a time. Our resources are limited. We will be looking for help and advice and sources of good tools when we start focuing on the Asian languages.

I think the dictionary is good enough for pronunciation. So far I have saved just a few words which Babylon wasn’t able to find. However, it is mainly the meaning I’m after, since I can hear the pronunciation on the audio file.