Please add new dictionaries

Would you please add these new dictionaries from

German > English: Langenscheidt Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch - Übersetzung
English > German: Langenscheidt Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch - Übersetzung

German > French: Langenscheidt Deutsch-Französisch Wörterbuch - Übersetzung
French > German: Langenscheidt Französisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch - Übersetzung

German > Italien: Langenscheidt Deutsch-Italienisch Wörterbuch - Übersetzung
Italien > German:Langenscheidt Italienisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch - Übersetzung

German > Spanish: Langenscheidt Deutsch-Spanisch Wörterbuch - Übersetzung
Spanish > German: Langenscheidt Spanisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch - Übersetzung

Example French > German for the word “ampoule”::

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Oh yes. I know these guys. They sell language learning books all over the place in Austria. They have some good stuff.

No German>Portuguese?

Hello Veral. That was a good catch. Can I join you too?

Is it possible to ask LingQ team to add new dictionaries to LingQ? That would really be great. I am Hungarian, and I am not all the time satisfied with Google Translator. With difficult words, most of the times, I have to double check the meaning manually in some other places.

See below my proposal:
English - Hungarian SZTAKI Szótár | magyar, angol, német, francia, olasz, lengyel, holland, bolgár online szótár és fordító
Hungarian - English SZTAKI Szótár - Magyar-angol szótár | magyar, angol, német, francia, olasz, lengyel, holland, bolgár online szótár és fordító

Hi Vera,
Thanks for suggesting us this great dictionary. I’ve added it to our system and it is now available for all language combinations you mentioned!

@mfr Unfortunately German-Portuguese isn’t available on this dictionary.

@Andras79 Szotar Sztaki dictionary is already available at LingQ, but I was only able to make it work for English-Hungarian combination.

No problem and thank you Zoran. I will check.

Unfortunately they don’t have it at the moment for this combination online. But I’ll ask them if they plan to add more languages. I hope so.

Thanks, Zoran!

That would be great. I still have the paper edition that I bought when I was at highschool. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve a 40 year old French dictionary which is unbelievable heavy and some more in English and Italien.

I’ve written now an email to their support and hope I’ll get an answer if they have plans to add more languages. I’ll let you know.

Thank you Zoran for this fast add. The Langenscheidt dictionaries are very good and popular here in Germany.

Thanks, Vera!

Ich habe folgende Antwort erhalten:
“Wir planen auf jeden Fall, das Angebot noch auszuweiten. Ich kann Ihnen allerdings momentan nicht sagen, wann Portugiesisch dazu kommt.”

So there are chances to get Portuguese in the future. I’ll check their website from time to time.

That’s good news! Thanks, Vera, for checking this.

They have added now more dictionaries from German (Deutsch) into other languages on Langenscheidt:

Arabisch = Arabic
Russisch = Russian
Dänisch = Dansk
Schwedisch = Swedish
Griechisch = Greek
Tschechisch = Czech
Niederländisch = Dutch

Do I have to post every single link or is this fine for you?

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@ zoran
Langenscheidt dictionaries
Please have look at Spanish / German
At the moment it is Spanish / English
At the moment I have to change it for each word!

@Veral, I’ve added those dictionaries today. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hi Jolanda,
I’ve just checked Langenscheidt dictionary and Spanish to German combination works fine for me. Can you please check it again? Do you still have this problem?

@Zoran: There is a problem for Dutch.

If I open the dictionary for a word it opens the English version instead of dutch:

Correct would be
-from Dutch to German:

-from German to Dutch:

Hi Vera,
I’ve edited it and it should be working properly now. Thanks for letting us know.

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