Please add choice to right-side menu

Please add “I don’t know word” or “reset word to blue” to the list for those words we accidently add to our known or turn yellow.

@angimartin - There isn’t a way to move a word back to blue once you have interacted with it. This is actually intentional, as blue words are new words. When you come across a blue word, there are three possible actions: (1) save the word, (2) mark it as known and (3) ignore the word. If you have marked the word as known but actually want to save it as a LingQ, you can simply highlight it and choose one of the user hints that displays on the right. If you accidentally save a word, you can delete the LingQ by clicking the “X” on the status bar, then highlight it again to perform a different action.

If you have any other questions about this be sure to let us know!