Pleae move the dictionaries back to a stationary form

The dictionaries in the dropbox are moving around based on which one I used last. This can cause me problems when my naver pop up or google translate pop up obscures the drop box. I then have to waste time moving the drop box out of the way so I can see where the various doctionaries are now.

I appreciate that Lingq has tried a new function but I think this one is an attempt to fix a clock that wasn’t broken, and now you’ve just messed up the clock.

Please return the dictionaries to their previous stationary form.

I don’t entirely understand your flow but I do agree that it feels a bit strange that the dictionaries move around in the list. If we fix the placement of the dictionaries, does this solve your problem?

Yes, if the dictionaries were stationary that would make the linqing process more smooth and time efficient.