Playlist on the iPad

Beginning to use LingQ more for my language learning. On the laptop it is easy to add lessons to the Playlist. As I understand it, Playlists are device specific.

I most often use the Playlist on my iPad, but unlike the laptop, I am not finding the add to Playlist option. What am I missing? How do I add lessons on the iPad to the Playlist?

Your Playlist is actually saved on your account and synchronized across all devices you are using LingQ on. It’s not device specific. So, any lesson you add to the playlist on the web, will be available there in app version too.
You can add tracks to Playlist on the app too, just tap on the menu button (three dots) below a lesson and you will find “Add to Playlist” option there.

If it is saved on the account, how do I force a synchronization? The Playlist on my iPad is NOT the same as that on the web version.

And tapping on the menu button is not working on my iPAd. When I click on the menu from the lesson list, I the options are Remove, Like, 0x Reading, and 0x Listening. Within the lesson itself the options are 0x Reading, 0x Listening, View Course, Like, Print.

On the web version Add to Playlist is an option - not on the iPad.

Can you please take a screenshots of what you are looking at and send it to support(at) Our iOS developer wants to take a look and try to figure out what’s going on. Add to Playlist option should be there if lesson has available audio.