Playlist on android missing items

Is there some sort of limit on the playlist for android?

I have been wanting to listen to the audio in my playlist for pc on my phone but i noticed that it doesn’t show on my app for some reason. Is there any way to fix this?


There is no limit and you should be able to see all tracks you have in Playlist on the web available on the Android app too. Can you try to logout/login back to your account on the app and let me know if that helps?

Thanks for replying. I did try logging out and in again and so far its the same. I also have made sure its up to date. To clarify it does show some of them but it doesn’t have nearly the amount i see on desktop.

While on the topic i have also had the problem of shuffle & the skip button not working correctly when it comes to playlist on android. When i click the next button it will just restart what im listening too.

Thanks. I’ll ask our developers to check that. Do you know how many tracks in total you have added to the Playlist?

I don’t know of a way to check exactly how much i have without counting them all 1 by 1 but if i had to guess i have around 200-300 tracks on my playlist on desktop. I would say mobile only shows around 150 or so if im just guessing.

I have also enabled the playlist count to go up to 1000 in my settings but i noticed that there is no setting for this on mobile.

Can you please take a screenshot of both Playlists (web and app), try to include tracks that exist on web but not on app and send it to support(at)

okay will do! thank you

This is similar to the issue I am having on the iPad. Items on the Playlist on the web version are not on the Playlist on my iPad.

im glad im not the only one. I just noticed today that if you delete some tracks off of the playlist it will add new ones so it just seems the issue is that mobile has a limit

Just wanted to add that i noticed today that if you delete some tracks and then refresh, more tracks will appear so it just simply seems that there is a shorter limit on mobile compared to desktop.

Thanks, I’ll check this with our developers.