Playlist issue

The last few weeks, I have noticed that after downloading a course to a playlist, sometimes the lesson no longer shows as a completed download but as a percentage, this means you can no longer just click the blue play button and allow a list of lessons to play through, but must click on each individual lesson and play.

I thought once the downloading of a course or lesson was complete, it would not need an internet connection. I did uninstall and reinstall the app, but the same thing happened. You can download a course fully, go about your day, look at the lessons and they appear to be attempting to redownload, unsuccessfully, meaning you can no longer play the list of lessons.


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Hi! We’re pushing a new version soon that will include some changes to the way lessons in playlists are handled that should hopefully resolve this issue. Please keep an eye out for the new version and let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue with the new version!

Hey, I have installed the new version of the app. For a 4 days, I could listen to lessons on my playlist, simply by pressing the blue play button, however, on my way to work today, I realised that every single playlist I had, had for some reason decided to begin downloading again and then stopped at different percentages. Strangely some were in minus percentages such as -5%.

I had not told the app to sync, I had downloaded each playlist with a good connection. I don’t understand why this is happening again. Its really tiresome to have to keep deleting playlists and download them again. Especially when it can take time to make up good playlists. Most of the playlists are stuck, and will not continue downloading. Everything else about the app is working.


I’m really sorry to hear you’re still having trouble with this.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working very hard on a significant change to the way offline mode is handled in the app. Because of this, a lot has changed in the back end, but we do hope this will also offer improvements for both online and offline usage of the app. We’ve also made some changes to the way playlists are built, and this will be also hopefully offer some improvements to the issue you are experiencing.

It’s a bit tricky to test these things sometimes, and as you mention above it was working properly for four days but on the fifth seems to have broken. However, we’ll continue working on the app to improve stability and performance. When the new build is ready we’ll release it, and this should hopefully resolve some of the remaining issues you’re experiencing!

It hasn’t broken, but unfortunately it decided by itself to re download the whole playlist list in one go, which failed, something triggered it. Nevermind, everything else is fine though.