Playlist improvements

(First, I’m not sure if there’s a feature for this, and if there is, please tell me-- but I haven’t found it yet!)

I do a lot of listening in my languages, and my normal routine is to get up in the morning and hit play on play list while still mostly asleep. When I do this, I’d prefer to be reviewing the material I’ve learned most recently, but unless I go in and either manually rearrange the playlist manually or go into the playlist and jump to a different section. These are a lot of extra clicks.

When I’m actually studying/reading instead of listening – when I complete a lesson, and the lesson completed screen comes up: I’d prefer to be able to choose to add audios from this page to either the beginning of the play list or the end of the list.

Also, unless I’m wrong (if I am, please help!) you can’t currently add audio from the completed lesson screen to playlists from the web app, you can only add from the phone and tablet apps. It would be nice if this was uniform across all platforms. (again, if I’m just missing the feature, correct me because this has been a major frustration for me)

These features would make a super-smooth work flow, where I just plow through content, add the audio to my playlist top or bottom easily, and continue on.

Another feature that would really help is a button inside the playlist edit screen where you can either reverse the order of tracks in the playlist. I have lots of long playlists that have all the material way at the end, and I don’t have the patience to go rearrange them all by hand to be in my preferred order.

I think it’s important to be able to add to either the end or the beginning of a playlist because there are two different use cases. Some lessons are chapters or segments of stories that need to be heard in a certain order; those are best added to the end of a playlist. However, most lessons are not sequential stories, so for those (at least in my opinion) adding them to the begging of the playlist is better. That way new material gets reviewed more frequently than very old material.

When you complete a lesson on the web, it’s automatically added to your Active Playlist. That’s how it works on the web.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, we will see what we can do to improve things further.