Playlist has disappeared

I’ve just discovered that one of my playlists - that I frequently use - has disappeared. I don’t know why. Is it possible to restore it?

Very strange, are you sure? Can you take another look and let me know if it’s still missing? We will investigate the problem.

Thanks. That’s it: very strange. Yes it is missing. It hasn’t come back. So today I more or less reconstituted it by searching through the ‘Active Playlist’ to find most of the lessons involved and then added them to a new version of the disappeared playlist.

Thanks. We will investigate the problem and try to figure out what happened.

Thank you. As an update, though, the missing playlist has returned on my iPhone LingQ app this morning, but it’s not back on either the iPad or web versions of LingQ (yet).

Disconcertingly weird, this.

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