Playlist doesn't work well for me

HELLO! ^-^

So, I’m currently “studying” Japanese and when I add some audio to my playlist, it doesn’t appear on my phone, but on my computer it does.

What could I do to fix this?

-Thank you!

Strange, sorry to hear that. Are you using iOS or Android app? Are you sure that you have correct study language selected on the app?

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Hi! I’m using Android app and i’m study in the language selected.

Kinda same in my situation and I only use the player in the reader (haven’t used the playlist yet). What happens to me is that sometimes I would listen to an audio but after a few minutes it would just stop. Also when you try to jump to a certain timeframe, everything would just stop. I’m using Android.

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This also happens a lot of times with me and I have no idea what the reason is.

It seems that LingQ will get an update. Hopefully this issue with the audio player will be included in the update.

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