Playlist doesn't work on Android

Hi, as I’ve written in the title, I have a problem with the playlist (on an Android phone). I have tens of recordings on my playlist, I’m trying to play them randomly, but all the time only the first recording is being played. Or if I change it manually to another one - the other recording is being played all the time.

Thanks, we will look into it.

Quick question here, are your audio files in playlist all loaded? Are you on wi-fi or mobile data? If you are on mobile data, do you have “Download Playlist on 3G” option enabled under the settings?

I’ve tired both - wi-fi and 3G (of course first I’ve enabled download on 3G). I see the playlist, but until I click on an item, I think it doesn’t download. Now I have a couple of them already downloaded (manually - I’ve clicked on them first), but it still doesn’t work properly. Always one recording is being played, until I change it manually.

And one more information that can be helpful :slight_smile: - I’ve just tried to clear the playlist cache. After that I’ve checked if the playlist will be downloaded - only 5 items were downloaded. The rest I have to click on each item to download (which of course I don’t want to do, considering the size of the playlist :-))

You can Download Playlist on 3G for playlist , Actually use YouTube Downloader - Download Youtube videos for free! for download list audios very funny

I’ve been wondering what’s up with the playlist on the phone. It is so buggy I really don’t understand how that’s even supposed to work. If I select something it just either doesn’t react or starts playing a random item from the list all over again and none of the others can be played. I’ve given up on this function and seriously, what you offer below seems a little too complex. I have written this function off and can manage without it for now. Funny how the technical side of the app is crappy, yet it still offers enough value and is worth paying for. If something like this happened to one of the mainstream apps, they would hardly survive.