Playlist doesn't work - android

I’m using an android phone and the playlist won’t download. I can add lessons to the playlist but they just won’t play. I’ve tried clearing my cache, deleting all app data so that files redownload.

Thanks. We are familiar with Playlist issue that exist on some devices and we are looking into it. We hope to release update to LingQ 5.0 version soon and it will deal with issues like this and bring lot of other improvements. Thanks for your patience.

Hi Zoran, thanks your response. I bought a Samsung tablet (arrived today!) and it seems to work fine so it must be a compatibility issue with xiaomi

I appreciate the effort into fixing the android app issues. Sounds like it will come some time in Sept? I look forward to listening to my lessons while riding my bike!

Yup, September is a plan! :slight_smile:

Any updates on when the new android app version will be released?

To much things to do so we had to delay it a bit. New plan is October, but we can’t promise the exact date.