Playing audio files on itouch/ipad

Hello. Can someone answer a silly question for me? Is there a simple way to download the audio files directly to my ipod, or is there a specific process to follow to load the files on to my ipod?

I appreciate your feedback.


Hi Steve,

Unfortunately there is no direct route for downloading a file onto your iPod/iOS device. However, you have two potential options:

  1. Download files to your computer, open them in iTunes, then connect your iOS device and add the new files, or
  2. Download our iLingQ app (only available for paying members) and stream the audio for each lesson as you read through it.

Either way, I recommend you get iTunes and set it up to automatically sync audio files when you plug in your iPod. It makes it really easy to get fresh content (such as podcasts or lessons) transferred quickly when you’re rushing out the door.

  1. Save your audio files to a folder in your computer
  2. Install Dropbox in your computer and share that folder
  3. Install Dropbox in your iPod/iOS device and link to that folder
  4. There is no 4th step

Now you have all your audio files in Dropbox, and you can download them on-demand to your iPod/iOS device, provided your have internet connection.

This actually works for any mobile device DropBox support.

Another option for downloading the audio for a whole collection is to subscribe to the collection’s RSS feed in iTunes. Then, all existing and future lessons will download automatically and sync the next time you connect your device. Assuming you have set your iTunes to download and sync all podcasts.