Play/download audio has vanished

Play/download audio has vanished from the top of the lesson page, replaced by a scale announcing how many blue words are left… lingqing blue words now makes a small sparkle noise. What’s happened ?
Edit: okay, I found the button to turn off the sound effects, but I never turned them on in the first place :slight_smile:

The play button is now on the left hand side almost at the bottom. It is just a small blue circle with a white triangle in it, did you find it already?

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Thanks Alf, but it’s not there for me. On the other hand, I do like that I can now see pinyin at the same time as hanzi for Chinese.

That’s strange. Do you have anything like adblock plus or ghostery running that might be blocking it? You could try another browser assuming you are not on a phone or a tablet.

I’m on Chrome, no add-blocker… Lingq changed versions on me last night , one minute the old style, next the new style. Refreshed pages, opened in new tabs etc…

I’ll try firefox and report

Okay, got it, works on firefox…and chrome, I see now what happened. The button doesn’t scale to the window size, I don’t usually have my window at full expansion, thus, the button was cut off. So, scaling might be nice :slight_smile:

Great suggestion! We’ll add this to our list.