PlayButton for audiofiles doesn't work


i’m having problems with the play button for the lessons. When i push the button it will pop up that the file is going to start, but instead i see “0:00 - 0:00”, so my browser just won’t download the file. In the earlier versions of lingq where the play button was at the top, i didn’t have these Problems.
Manually downloading the Audio doesn’t work either.

Is it possible to use the old GUI? I browsed the settings but can’t find anything. My browser keeps telling me that the Encryption is defective, maybe that has something to do with my problem?
Anyways, i can’t use Lingq at all like this. Help is very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

@Candymui, Which browser are you using?

I’ve got the same problem on Firefox for Ubuntu. Not on my Mac laptop (I use Chrome there) or on my Android phone. It’s no big deal for me because the two latter are my main platforms for using Lingq but I’m letting you know in case this info helps.

@ftornay, thanks for letting me know!
We’re looking into the bugs related to the play button but that might not solve issues on Ubuntu. At this time LingQ supports Windows and Mac.

Ok, thanks for your reply.

Thank you guys for the response, i have been using different browsers, none of them worked (FF,IE,Chrome). But i found the Problem was a JavaScript Policy Problem.
It would be nice if there was a possibility to use the old interface for People who have problems. Maybe that could be a thing to implement?`

Greetings and thanks again for your help ftornay and Kiran.

@Candymui - What exactly do you mean by a Javascript Policy Problem? Were you able to fix it somehow now that you figured out the issue? We don’t have these problems and can’t reproduce the error. They don’t seem to be widespread since we aren’t hearing about this from anyone else. Therefore, it’s hard to fix the issue. The old view no longer exists so we can’t return you to that. Any more help you can provide to help us recreate the issue is your best bet.