Playback speed

Do your think to develop playback speed on audio?
Its like 0.85; 0.9…1,15 something like that.
Because I am listening audio books and often speed are to fast, then I must open audio on VLC. It is not very comfortable.

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Hi Min2augas,
For now you can only decrease audio speed by 50% with the “0.5x” button on the audio player. I am not sure at this moment if we are going to implement new options for audio speed anytime soon.

Thank you for the answer. That option are actual for me in this time. Takes time to understand better in regular speed.

you can actually do that on ios app, and current android beta app. 0.5; 0.66; 0.75; 0.9; 1.0; 1.5; 2.0

Ok. Thanks. For me enough 0,9 speed or 0,8

Just curious, why people doesn’t need playback speed slowly, like 0.9?

I’m using the website and the 0.5x is too slow and the normal speed is often too fast for me. I would like to see a 0.75x option.