Playback on iOS app pausing automatically

Has anyone else noticed this problem? I start to play a lesson on the app and a few seconds in it pauses and I have to start it again. This is especially annoying in the car when I get it playing and take off, only to have to then pick up my phone and get it restarted while I’m driving. Of course, now I start it and wait a few seconds for it to stop so I can restart it before I start driving, but I shouldn’t have to do that.

To me it seems like this happens when I start the lesson before the audio is completely downloaded. I hadn’t had the problem for a long time, because I’d been waiting a few seconds longer and most of the lessons I listen to are short. But last night I picked out a really long lesson and forgot to wait, and sure enough the lesson refreshed after the entire audio was downloaded.

Good catch, that does seem to be what is causing this. I’ll note this to our team and will see what we can do to address this issue!

I thought that too, but I’ve been deliberately waiting until it has completely downloaded before starting, and it still happens.

Thanks, we’ll investigate further and see if the two are related or if they’re separate issues. I’ll be in touch if we need any more information on this one!

I have had the same problem with audio, where it gets caught in a loop (or after playing for about 10 seconds it stops all together). Sometimes i will exit a lesson and the audio will continue playing. In either case, i reload the page (or turn off my ipad) and start again.

I look forward to the day when the functionality on an ipad is similar to that of a lap top. Who knows, maybe by then i will be completely fluent in French :wink:


Thank you for reporting this issue as well! It looks like there are a few issues still remaining with the audio player in the app. We’ll be taking a comprehensive look into this to see what we can uncover!