"Play Course Audio" gone after update

I see the above has now also have been removed on Android. First the translations, now the course audio. I used to listen to the audio while exercising, now that’s also been taken.

Don’t you think it would entice users to sign up if you at least offered full features at Beginner level, they can then reach a level of learning where they want to advance to the next level. By gradually cancelling all previous features you’re actually driving new and existing users away. I’m sure many would agree, after all, you want to entice users.


Please return ‘Play course audio’ on Android?

Yes, noticed that on Android too, we now have a ‘Continue Course’ button instead!
The ‘play course audio’ was extremely useful, I regularly listen to course audio first before I do any actual lessons as commented by Ralf …
Now it seems you have to physically create new playlist for each and any course and add audio manually!?
It also looks like you either have to viewed lesson first or select the individual lessons and then you can add lesson audio, so tracks cannot all be added at once to new playlist unless lessons viewed or selected individually on Android … please kindly let me know if I’ve missed a quick workaround here or do I have to go in on Web version and do it there and then return to Android … ???
Thanks for any feedback, Frank

You can still add the complete course to a playlist, we just removed that button.
Open a course > Tap on the menu button at the top right (three dots) > Add to Playlist

Actually, there seems to be a bug there, looks like not all lessons are added to playlist through that option I mentioned in previous post. We will have it fixed!

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Hi Zoran

Thanks for update and looking into this…

Yes, as I mentioned in my post, for me the three dots did actually add audio if you had viewed the individual lesson already, so I cycled through some newly created lessons quickly with the , but otherwise it would not pick up any additional audio for any new lessons until the workaround.
I had created new lessons on web version, but could see the audio which was there on web but not on Android version.

Br, Frank