Place to Share Language Textbook PDF's

Hi everyone,

Since I am poor and broke, and I want to learn a variety of languages, do any of y’all use colloquial, teach yourself, assimil, etc. series on pdf versions online? If so let’s make this place a place to share some of these pdf’s so I can access the great vast amount of knowledge to learn these languages. :slight_smile:

I don’t think sharing it publicly like that would be appreciated by the authors, unfortunately


Hello Calculasians. I think LingQ subscribes more or less to the input hypothesis of acquiring a language. (If you don’t know what that is, check out this awesome blog post: Input Hypothesis: The Basics – the book-bound polyglot).

With that mindset, the big key in language learning is to get massive amounts of input from reading and listening to native materials–regardless of if they come from language textbooks or not. Therefore, you virtually have limitless free options of Spanish material to choose from, especially if you use LingQ’s web extension to import articles/blog posts/etc. into LingQ.

I personally prefer reading Spanish books created for native Spanish speakers. I’m reading my second Spanish book, which is 350 pages long. I plan to finish it hopefully by the end of this month.

In July, since I currently work in the eyecare field, I plan to find mock/real Spanish eye exam videos on YouTube and import the transcripts into LingQ. I’m going to read the transcripts and watch the videos so that I can be more familiar with Spanish eyecare terminology in a more natural context.

Because LingQ makes it so much more easier for me to read books, I’m planning to read approximately 3 more books in Spanish before this year ends.

I believe more I read, the faster I can advance in Spanish, which is important to me.

I’ve personally chosen to read books higher than my current Spanish level because I know it’ll get easier overtime, and my mind ultimately adapt to whatever I feed it. Also, because I’ll have read massive amounts of material in Spanish this year, my ability to comprehend Spanish will increase as well. (In addition to reading, I watch YouTube videos with Spanish subtitles and I listen to Spanish sometimes when I’m in the car, and etc.)


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These illegal materials are readily available. You can search for them on your own time. It would not be ethical to display a collection of such materials on this forum.
If you wrote a book, wouldn’t you want to get paid for your hard work in carefully writing something with 300+ pages? I know I would.
I understand how they can be expensive; I’m on a budget, too. I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing to save money. I have bought second-hand Teach Yourself books from Amazon and Ebay. Although these books are a few editions older, they are in fine condition and have all of the same material – legally! Then, you can find the audio files for most of the books from Teach Yourself’s website – legally!
You can also buy second-hand Colloquial courses, too. However, there is a greater difference between the editions. Besides two or three missing dialogs, the older versions of Polish and Serbian/Croatian have worked fine for me. You can download the audio for the newest edition from Colloquial’s website: However, be careful about the editions for older colloquial books as the authors often change, meaning that the content has changed.
Unfortunately, I have not found any used Assimil courses. I recently just got a new Assimil Hebrew course because I did not find any used ones.
I hope that you can see how to obtain these books legally AND on a budget. I just bought a Dutch book on Ebay for $3.48 total, using the online audio. Completely legal!