Pirate Novels

Can anyone tell me the names of some well-known pirate novels? The only one I’ve read, or started reading, is Treasure Island (on LingQ, in fact), but I’d love to have a list of titles handy next time I’m in a new or second-hand bookstore.

Thanks in advance.

I read “Moonfleet” (J. Meade Falkner) at school and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a tale of smuggling in 18th century England, so not pirates exactly, but the same kind of genre and a ripping good yarn !

The Pirate - Walter Scott
The Island - Peter Benchley

Thanks Jamie. I’ve taken note of them :slight_smile:

Ah! I thought you meant illegal translations. I have a bunch of Russian ones…don’t think they are about pirates though :slight_smile:

What language are you reading them in?

I wouldn’t mind reading them in English. I don’t read enough in English. Pirates, Caribbean, treasure… that sort of thing :slight_smile:

Once you are up and running in German, my favourite local pirate was ‘Klaus Störtebeker’. He fought the Hanseatic League and the stories about him are very romantic. I was always torn between wanting to run away to the circus to become a lion tamer and wanting to grow up to be a pirate.