Pinyin Input

Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me how can I input Pinyin on my keyboard? I added the simplified keyboard and the chinese language to my windows. When I type in Pinyin it gives me the option to choose the appropriate character. But my problem is that I want to type Pinyin and I don’t want the characters. Any experience with that?


Maybe you can use another keyboard (e.g. the one you used for this post) and just type numbers for the tones? I don’t have experience with this.

I don’t know a language where the caron (third tone) is used or I’d say use that keyboard layout.

Clicking on the following URL, you can install Google Pynyin system.

To translate this page (written in Chinese), you can put this URL in the box of the following page.

And one suggestion, too.

If you type pynyins on the Notepad but can not get Chinese characters, you will have to change the other Fonts.

The following Fonts are available.

Sim Sum
Sim Hey

If your OS is Windows 2000, it may be a little bit difficult to type characters.