Pinyin in Daily LingQs please

I’m learning Mandarin and I think the daily LingQs are a great idea. A daily email with some vocabulary would help jog my memory and help consolidate words but it only contains the characters and English translation. I’m probably about HSK3 level which makes me an advanced beginner but pretty much all new vocabulary I meet involves new characters so without the pinyin, I get no benefit from the daily LIngQs.
I feel like you need to be quite an advanced learner to get to the stage where all new vocabulary is just new combinations of already-known characters. Hopefully I’ll get to that stage one day but can you add the pinyin please? Other languages would probably also benefit that don’t have phonetic writing systems.

Under the Review Settings (gear icon on the top right in the review window), you will see additional settings button next to each activity, where you can enable Pinyin.

Thanks. I can see the gear icons next to each of the Review Settings but these seem to control each of the five review activities that I can do online when logged in. and not the daily LingQs sent by email… They are different types of review. When doing an interactive review online I want the questions to challenge me and then reveal the answer. which works fine. When reading an email I want all the info as it is just a review and not an interactive activity.