Pinyin disappear

I have a problem with the chinese cources. Since today, the pinyin doesnt appear when I click on words.
I was wondering if its an issue only I had or more anyone else.


Are you sure that you have Pinyin enabled under the settings?

I also have this problem. I changed nothing.

I notice some lessons are ok, but some aren’t (such as Rutgers 中文, 春节联欢晚会开始了吗?).

Pinyin has disappeared for me too. Not touched settings previously. Tried turning pinyin off and then back on again, refreshing page etc.

Thanks for reporting this everyone! We will get it fixed.

In the Chinese Simplified lessons the pinyin and the traditional characters are no longer in the definition section… The pinyin and characters are also missing from the definition section for the Traditional Chinese lessons. This happened this afternoon and I haven’t changed any of my settings.

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pinyin on desktop does not work for me either. it works on mobile.

I’m having the same problem as well. Pinyin on some courses but not on others.

I faced the same situation. I haven’t changed any of the settings.


I also have the same problem (Pinyin is selected in Settings).
Tested with 3 lessons.

Thanks for your help

It started like that here as well, now it also doesn’t work on iPad. For some words it shows up in the definition but not above the text. Most words it doesn’t show up at all. Not in the review either.

This should be fixed now, please give it another try.


seems to work, thank you!