Pinyin above word hints but not on every word in reader

I know I had it set up this way in V 4.0 but I can’t seem to figure it out now. I don’t want to show Pinyin above every word in the reader, but I still want it to show up when I click on an unknown word. If I select Pinyin as the transliteration style, it shows up in the reader above every word. If I select off I lose it when I click on an unknown word. Anyone know how to set this up?

I see now. You have to click on the traditional character and it will switch to Pinyin.

What do you mean by that? Because i struggle with this problem too but when i switch to traditional then instead of pinyin i get traditional chinese characters both in reader and in word popup. I also have the font style set to Traditional. What other “traditional character” do you mean?

Ok i see it now too, haha. For anyone else having this problem:

  1. Turn the transliteration option off
  2. Tap on any word for popup to show up
  3. You still should see traditional character under the simplified one (if you read simplified chinese at least). Tap the traditional character to switch it to pinyin.

Now you should see pinyin each time you tap on a word and popup shows up.

Hi Guys
sorry my question is a bit random but just wondering if there is any way of enlarging the pinyin above the Chinese characters or if it is a case of just enlarging everything. Thanks.

@Snowmojo You can’t enlarge the Pinyin only, but under the Lesson Settings > Reader you can increase text size, and that will affect Pinyin too.

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