Pinned lessons in popular feed?

Hello! At the top of my Popular Lessons feed ( Login - LingQ), there are two lessons that have a little pin icon in the upper right, next to the three dots - and they always appear as the first two lessons in the feed. Is there a way to unpin these? I’ve tried clicking the pin and looking for an option somewhere, and have come up short. I’m not super interested in these two lessons, so it’d be great to not have them show up as the first two lessons all the time in the popular feed. :slight_smile:



No, you can’t unpin them, they are pinned by default by LingQ.
If you take them, they should disappear then, but if you aren’t interested in them, then not much to do. We’ll see if we can allow users to just hide pinned lessons in the upcoming upgrades.

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Same here! I would really like to unpin those lessons.