Pin Yin for this lesson

shàng xià zuǒ yòu

píng guǒ zài zhuō zi shàng

yín háng zài yóu jú zuǒ biān

yóu jú zài yín háng yòu biān

There appears to be a heading here and the second sentence of the text is missing.

Would it be possible for someone who understands Chinese and English to write an english translation and Pin Yin on the lesson page? It is also a problem for us absolute beginners in Chinese that the lesson name does not have an identifying title such as elem004 which is the title of the downloaded mp3 file.

Help please!

Yes, the lesson notes still need correcting (even though prior post is old). I’m not Chinese, but this is how I think it should be with missing line put in:

[CSLPod - Elementary 【初】, 上 下 左 右]

上 下 左 右

苹果 在 桌子 上 。
猫 在 桌子 下 。
银行 在 邮局 左边 。
邮局 在 银行 右边 。

shàng xià zuǒ yòu

píngguǒ zài zhuōzi shàng
māo zài zhuōzi xià.
yínháng zài yóujú zuǒbiān
yóujú zài yínháng yòubiān

Title: Up, Down, Left, Right

The apple is on the table.
The cat is under the table.
The bank is to the left of the post office.
The post office is to the right of the bank.