Pimsleur discontinued?

I just got an e-mail from Languages Direct that says that the entire Pimsleur range has been discontinued and that they will not be able to get the courses anymore. This is the first time I have heard of this and I can’t find anything about this elsewhere. Does anybody know anything about this?

That’s too bad, But Glossika is, in any case, much cheaper and far better.

That is completely incorrect information. As a reseller Languages Direct may no longer be selling our courses, but Pimsleur courses are not being discontinued and we continue to service and sell courses worldwide from Pimsleur.com.

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i never liked all audio courses never found them effective for beginners and pimsleur was very boring

Thank you very much for clearing this up. Their e-mail was very confusing.

Meh it’s totally unneeded anyway. Forced, manufactured, sterile, fabricated conversational content.

You’d be better off for French getting all the Easy French episodes and hammering them for some real conversational stuff.