Pictures in the LingQ index card doesn't work correctly

Now, I am really sad about the result of my hard work.

I added pictures in this lessons

and here

This evening, I made a look in the lessons and, my goodness, what happened? The pictures are very often mixed up and in the wrong card!

In the third lesson, the pictures are correct, till now

I think, if you offers such possibilities, it should work, or am I wrong?

What can I do?

@Irene777 - Actually, images, audio and notes that you add for LingQs are specific to your account. User hints are the only aspect that is shareable at this time. In the future we may look into ways to share lists of LingQs, but as of yet we don’t have any immediate plans to do this.

I’m so sorry, Irene, that your work to help German learners was for naught! Thanks, anyway!