Picture uploading problem w/ Chrome/Firefox

Hi Steve,

When I tried to upload a photo it gives me this error message:

Looking at previous forum posts, I made sure it was the right size and did not have any unusual characters in the file name. It didn’t work on Chrome/Firefox, but did work in Internet Explorer.

Since the picture upload feature is one of the first things a new user sees, maybe this should be fixed or there should be a message telling users to use x y and z compatible browsers.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll get on fixing this very shortly!

Thanks Alex. Also, do you know how I can begin tutoring? I’m an English teacher and can’t wait to get started. A bit concerned the site will think I’m inactive if it’s based on how often you’re learning. Arabic is my learning language right now.

Check out this handy guide on how to start tutoring on the site: http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/tutoring-on-lingq

Your activity score will be pretty low in that case :stuck_out_tongue: Just make sure it’s at least at 1 otherwise you will be considered inactive. Good luck!

Are you still having troubles uploading images to the site? We’ve tested it and everything seems to be working properly, but we want to make sure.

All is well as far as I can tell.