Physical exercise to improve learning?

According to this, physical exercise boosts academic performance. I’m sceptical whether it can be true - because Mr Clugston would surely have reaped some benefits by now from all of his working out??

On the other hand, Professor Arguelles is a big one for combining shadowing with physical activity. And I believe Steve has said in the past that he listens to LingQ content while running.

Maybe working out really can boost language learning?

Unfortunately, the BBC article does not give the most important piece of information, which is where one can find the original paper. This Telegraph article, mostly copied and pasted from the same source as the BBC article, gives the journal

but I was unable to find the article on the journal web page. Maybe it was just accepted and is not available yet.

Well we do need to exercise in order to burn all the fats in our organism . And if we think a little bit our brain consumes the most oxygen in our organism and we have to have a normal level of cholesterol in order to allow our brain to work accordingly .

@ColinJohnstone: “I was unable to locate the article.”

The study by Singh et al. was a review of the literature. Here is the article:

@ donhamiltontx
Thanks. It is not the right article, but could be more interesting.