Physical Activity

Hello everybody,
I don’t understand this : “into three ten minute blocks”
It’s in the sentence : " They say that even breaking the recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day into three ten minute blocks is still effective. "

Into three ten minute blocks = en 3 blocks de 10 minutes.
Au lieu de faire 30 minutes d’un seul coup, tu fais 3x10 minutes.

by “blocks” they means “chunks of time.” Instead of doing the 30 minutes at one go without stopping, “breaking it into blocks” is dividing it into smaller pieces.
A “block” can be those common toys that children play with. Here is a picture:

A “block” in English is also the name for part of a street. When you are walking on a street and walk from one intersection to the next, you have walked one block. So a street can be many blocks long. It’s a different use of the word, but the same idea-- breaking up something big into smaller pieces. Here’s a picture I found of “city blocks:”

So “breaking things into blocks” is breaking them into smaller pieces.

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Hello mbislsker,
Thank you for your quickly answer ! Now I understand.
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