Phrases for or during a meal

As I challenge myself with Japanese one thing is sticking out to me and I was wondering about it for a while now.
In textbooks, animes and so on they are very strict with いたたきます (a word of thanks saying before the meal) and sometimes also the ごちそさまでした (a word of thanks saying after the meal).
I was wondering when I learned English back in the days they never brought up some specific phrases for that situation or at least not to the degree as with in Japanese. Also when I think about TV series I can hardly remember something specific. A prayer here and there maybe?

In my family (Swiss German) we always say at the start of the meal “en Guta” - which roughtly translates to “have a good one” and at the end of the meal a praise or thanks for the cook. Sometimes a word of encouragement if need be.

A good friend of mine prays for about two whole minutes. Thats a test of character right there!

I was wondering, what are your rituals for or during a meal? Am I overthinking it? I mean it’s only two to three times a day, right?