Photography websites in German to learn vocabulary from

Hi, I have recently joined Lingq, which I’m really happy about! I hope it is okay to ask this… I am learning German and I read that it is important to use texts that you are interested in. I love photography so I was wondering if anyone knows any good German websites with text on learning photography that I could use here on Lingq to study words? I really don’t mind what kind of photography, although my favourite is nature. I tried searching myself but finding websites in other languages with a small vocabulary is difficult. Any advice on good websites would be great, Thanks in advance!

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Thanks! I’m checking it out now.

Use and search with “tipps fotografie” and you’ll find a lot more :slight_smile:

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Wow, thank you so much! I will check all these out and also try searching with those words. I really appreciate that :slight_smile: