Phonetics: The sounds of American English

For anyone who’s interested, here’s the link to a website which demonstrates the sounds of American English from a phonetic standpoint:


Hi David, there is a gap between “f” and “rameset” it,s just for that the link does,nt work … I put in google and i could see …I like phonetics… this explanation is very visual!. . fortunately nobody can see how I try to imitate the sounds…jeje!..

There we go:)

Thanks Blanca!

Hmm, the forum doesn’t seem to like that link…

I guess whoever wants to use the link will just have copy the whole thing and paste it into their address bar without the gap between “f” and “rameset”, or just put it into google as you did.

Also, if you just google ‘Phonetics: The sounds of American English’, it should be the first link you see.