Phone fast, computer slow, why?

I practice beginner listening by selecting each word and hearing the automated voice.
On my phone it works quickly.
On my computer it is extremely slow.
This is a gaming laptop (super fast) but I’ve tried deleting all the games (I don’t play them anymore) and everything else I don’t need but it’s still super slow.
How can I fix this?


There is no fix, the web version is very slow. And buggy too.

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I find my phone very slow to load. more so than my desktop version tbh.

Maybe try a different browser? though you probably did already.

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I have noticed this for a while as well. It occurred after an update on the web app two months ago. Basically the sentence is read at normal speed, but when you click on individual words, they are read very slowly and the speaker’s voice breaks. I am now using iOS most of the time because frankly this is where Lingq works at its best (probably because Steve and Mark own ipads, if you want my humble opinion). I even resorted to trading my Android tablet for an ipad because I was sick of the constant bugs on Lingq for Android. I only have it (Lingq for Android ) on my phone now and sure enough new bugs have appeared since the last update 3 days ago.

I believe the number of reported bugs has completely got out of control and they will only address the ones who are really critical and ignore the others.


I hope they could use a Mac as well! I write faster with a keyboard, but they don’t write definitions!

Yes, this period feels like a war zone.