Phone conversations in Spanish and Arabic

I found this site which may be helpful to people who are learning Arabic and/or Spanish:
This website has phone conversations in the Egyptian, Iraqi, and Levantine dialects. There are also transcriptions of the conversations.
This website has phone conversations with accents from Argentina, Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, Ecuador, and Peru. I don’t think that there are provided transcripts.

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I attempted to contact those people at DLI for the spanish transcripts about three months ago and didn’t even get a reply. I did get a read-receipt on my email so I know someone read my email to them. Those spanish transcripts would be a gold mine.

Oh, that’s a shame that they didn’t respond. :frowning: I like it as a resource, but I would prefer to have transcripts so that I can double check what I hear and catch words that were said too quickly.

Give it a shot and see if you can get anywhere. I’ll do the same right now as I’m at work with free time. Maybe the more people start asking the better chances we have. Now if we could only get some help from other spanish learners here at Lingq.

I will try, but I’ve never done that before. Do I mention the lingq website? Thanks for your help.

Edit: I sent them an e-mail. Hopefully they will respond to someone. :slight_smile:

I received this reply:
We are currently working on the transcription/translation and will have it completed in a few months.

You are welcome to share the lessons from our site.

Thank you again for your interest in our products.

@Shawn - If you search for ‘Getting to Know the Town’ the Mexican version of this should be available on LingQ. I have never shared anything before because all my stuff is taken fron copyrighted material but Elzby 1985 seems to think that this one is okay to share. It will give you something to work on before they hopefully produce all the transcriptions.

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Here is the response I got from the folks at DLI. Elzby, did you get something similar?

Good Morning,

Thank you for your interested in our products. Sorry for the delay. We were in the process of move.

We are working on the transcription/translation and expecting to have it all by the end of September.

I hope this helps.

Thank you again for your interest in our products.

TI-Projects Team

Yes, my reply is similar. Good news. :slight_smile: