Phone app: Problems with play list and stats

My students and I are experiencing problems with the app on iphones as well as androids.

  1. Playlist freezes and plays same lesson over and over, even though the app says it is playing a different lesson and counting times listened on a different lesson.

I thought this was a connectivity problem because I was listening away from wifi, but it continued when I returned to wifi. I had earlier discovered that I should change the setting to use a 3g connection. I did that and it helped temporarily.

Am I missing something?

  1. Statistics not updating when listener is using iphone app. This is being reported to me by a student so I can’t verify exactly what is happening, but she says that her statistics don’t reflect her activity. (I am working hard to get my students to keep up their statistics bars. It is disappointing to them when their work doesn’t show up in their stats.)

I’ve had a similar playlist problem with Android app for as long as I’ve been using it (which is a bit less than a year). At certain point playlist would get stuck on a single lesson and trying to select any other lesson would have no effect. I cannot provide clear steps to reproduce the bug, but using playlist over 3g seems to be the most common way to stumble opon it (when a chunk of data fails to download within a timeout perhaps?), although I’m almost sure I was able to trigger it in a few other ways. The setting to use 3g connection is obviously on (but at some point switching it off and back on helped for a while).

As a workaround I usually pre-load the audio for the lessons I need before going out. And try not to touch the playlist while it plays.

Thank you, shamray.

LingQ support, where can we find more information to help with these problems?

The android app has been unusuable for several days now. Opening a lesson, if that is even possible, just shows you a blank page. Also the word count soes not update. I have de- and reinstalled the app without having been able to solve it. I hope to receive support here.

@ramonek Sorry to hear that! Can you please message us on support(at) , please make sure to mention what’s your device and which Android version you have installed on it. Thanks!

@Jingle We can’t reproduce the issue with stats not updating on iOS app. Are you referring to all stats or to specific stats (listening, reading etc.)? Seems to be fine on our end.

To play the playlist properly, each lesson’s audio needs to be loaded, so you do need to have good internet connection in order to listen without interruptions. Do you have that problem on Android app? Or does it occur in iOS app too for your students?

Re: Lessons replaying - My students have reported it on iOS. I have experienced it myself on Android. In my case, I was away from Wifi when the problem began. Then I came back to Wifi and the problem continued.

Re: Statistics updating - My student reporting the problem specifically with the listening stat on iOS.

@Jingle let your student know that his listening stats will increase automatically after he complete a lesson. That should increase both reading and listening stats. Or does he have that problem with listening in a playlist?

I believe it was on the playlist. On the other hand, it doesn’t look like there has been a problem in the last few days. I’ll get back to you if there are more problems.

As for the playlist getting stuck, I will tell students that this is probably the result of a poor internet connection.

Thank you.