Phone app not tracking my progress

See pic.

The green line is my progress on the PC. Which works fine. As you can see I then started on my phone and progressed to where the dot is. But the green line didn’t follow. This means that when I go back on on my PC that I don’t pick up where I leave off. This makes it very frustrating to go between my devices. Please fix this bug or let me know what I can do to solve it.


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I have the same problem

Are you using iOS or Android app? Do you have the latest app version installed?

Hi Zoran,

I am using the Android app. I believe I must have the latest app version installed as I recently uninstalled then downloaded again from the app catalogue/google play or whatever.

My Smartphone is just over 3 years old but I doubt this has much to do with it.

Have you found a solution yet?

No , I am waiting for an update to solve it

I am having the same issue on my Android tablet. This morning the app won’t even open. iPhone and Windows PC work fine.

Thanks, I asked our team to check this.

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I just got a new phone today, still have the same problem, is an android phone also.