"Petition to Release Trump’s Tax Returns Clears Threshold for Official Response"

“Last week, Trump reiterated his refusal to release the tax returns, insisting that journalists were the only ones interested in the documents. Yet polling data has consistently shown that ‘a majority of Americans want to know what’s in Trump’s tax records,’ notes PolitiFact.”

“Former President Barack Obama created the webpage for citizen petitions on the White House web site in 2011 as part of a promise to make government more open to the people. If a petition garnered 100,000 signatures within 30 days, it would elicit an official White House response within 60 days.”
‪White House petition calling for release of Trump’s tax returns gets over 100,000 signatures White House Petition Calling For Release Of Trump’s Tax Returns Gets Over 100,000 Signatures | HuffPost Latest News # via @HuffPostPol‬

“The Constitution is often majestically vague, but here it is stingingly clear: With his foreign cash flows continuing unabated, Trump is on the verge of violating America’s fundamental law.”
Donald Trump appears determined to violate the Constitution on his first day: Donald Trump appears determined to violate the Constitution on Day One. @slate

say what you want against the orange faced guy but when you have this many people eating 3 times a day directly because of you I couldn’t care less if you pay 0$ in taxes. Those journalists most likely have 0 people on their payroll and have never hired another person in their lifetime.

And we still believe in polls now?


Polls show how respondents answered the questions they were asked. The results of polls are empirical facts, even if they contain non-sampling errors as well as sampling errors. I wonder if you are not able to figure out statistics because you seem not to “believe in” polls.

"While the topic of the inauguration attendance was trivial, that Trump’s team was immediately willing to deny reality from the world’s most powerful office alarmed figures across the political spectrum. Reince Priebus, Trump’s chief of staff, also echoed Trump’s false claims in interviews on Sunday."‪

Trump presidency begins with defense of false ‘alternative facts’ Donald Trump's team defends 'alternative facts' after widespread protests | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Hillary’s Inauguration Crowd


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Jaliscostate wrote:
"Those journalists most likely have 0 people on their payroll and have never hired another person in their lifetime. "

Does this logic make sense? I don’t think so. It goes without saying that jouonalsts are not real estate businessmen. Your comments are simply nonsense. You have to improve your skills in argumentum ad hominem.

The follwing is from the first article in this thread:
“‘The unprecedented economic conflicts of this administration need to be visible to the American people, including any pertinent documentation which can reveal the foreign influences and financial interests which may put Donald Trump in conflict with the emoluments clause of the Constitution,’ reads the brief description of the petition."

The writer of this article did what he is supposed to do. Your comment is absurdly beside the point.

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I’m curious why you seem to think this a relevant response

I think we can all guess what “the official White House response” is going to be.

Does it not worry you that Trump’s press secretary is flat out lying his first day on the job?

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I think Iaing is living in the world of so-called post-truth politics.

Does it not worry you that you are worrying about the size of a crowd?

Yutaka-san, I’ve given you a free pass on a lot of flat out “post-truths” that you post in here. No adhoms, thanks.

I don’t know anything about such a pass.
Could you be more specific if you really want to say something about truth?

I’m not worried so much about the size of the crowd as much as I am that Trump’s staff is blatantly lying about something so trivial

Yutaka-san. I just wanted to say quit it with the adhom. Thank you.

But I’ll also look to call you out a lot more often on your constant liberal spamming of the forums as well. No problem, if that is what you want.

For a start would you please care to post your tax returns on this forum for the past 25 years?

If not, kindly please delete this nonsense thread.

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Except they aren’t lying. Compare the real photo with the fake news photo posted by Yutaka-san.

Now ask yourself again. Does it not worry you that you are worrying about the size of a crowd? And that you are wrong about it?


You’ll have to forgive me for my technological ineptitude but I don’t see how that a photo from the podium area contradicts the aerial photo provided by reuters posted in the Guardian. Are you saying it’s fabricated? I’d be interested to see real evidence of that if you have any.

Trump’s press secretary said, “This was the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period,”
a claim that all reputable sources I’ve seen dispute. Do you seriously believe that? Again, I would say such an outrageously false claim by someone of such high standing is deserving of scrutiny.

There’s even a timelapse of the whole thing reflecting this

I don’t think the press have much moral high ground to moan about lies right now? :slight_smile:

I did find this nonsense about crowd sizes weird. But I think I’ve figured out what it was about. Trump’s people wanted THAT to be the story, rather than have the media focusing on the massive protest march of the angry puss-in-boots mob.

(And they succeeded too - to an extent.)