Personal introductions

Emma, one of our brilliant tutors (they are all brilliant), has come up with a great idea. Learners should record simple personal introductions. This can be submitted to their tutor for correction. The tutor can then record the corrected introduction and put it up in the library, or if the learner feels up to it, he or she can record the introduction him or herself, after receiving the correction. Perhaps we can have both versions in the library, one read by the tutor and one read by the learner.

I would like to take this a little further. Please make an introduction in your own language. Please upload it with a transcript to our library for that language. Tutors should do the same.

Generally speaking personal introductions, perhaps 2-3 minutes long, are relatively easy content, on subjects that are quite familiar to us. That makes them excellent lower intermediate learning material. This also helps the members of our community get to know each other.

I promise to make a few personal introductions in different languages myself. I will submit them for correction before I record them again for the store.

I await your comments on Emma’s idea.

It’s interesting, a great way of knowing people a little.
I believe that another interesting idea would be the tutors to record our writings after corrected. This should produce a lot of items, including beginner ones, that people could share in the library.

I agree, a good idea. My suggestion would be to have a special place (Category) in the library for this.

Emma has very kindly put my intro up in Japanese. A very original idea of hers which would help build up the “community” aspect of this site.

I think the idea of writing being recorded has already been suggested at some point. I think it’d be a great feature to have!

Rohan, Thank you for being the first one to try my idea. I am very happy to help your Japanese improve :slight_smile: I am looking forward very much to talking to you.

Irene, I agree with you. We definitely need a category for this.

I agree we will need a category. LingQ Members will do, unless there are some other ideas. For now, I suggest we start a Collection in Beginner II.

I promised to do my own introduction in several languages and have them corrected, and then post them. I have not yet done so. I will also do an introduction in English.

I hope Rohan that you will grace us with an intro of yourself in English if you have not already done so. The same for the rest of you!!!

The idea is that we can do them in any language we want. If not in our native language we should get them corrected first, just to be sure. Then we can have them recorded by a tutor, or record them ourselves.

The only thing I am not sure of is whether more than one person can contribute to the same Collection. I will go and have a look.

I’ve tried a very small text in French last week, already corrected. If Marianne or any other French speaker records it for me, I’ll be happy to share this in the French section. The same for my new profile text, in English.
They very small, though, and not a two minute intro… I’ll try to do a longer one in Portuguese, since it won’t consume all my points for correction!

I have set up a category called LingQ Members, but for some reason this category does not show up in the respective language areas. Mark!!!

Categories only show in the Library if there is something in them.

I just listened to Rohan’s personal introduction in Japanese, read by Emma. This is simply outstanding and interesting easy content. I hope we can get the same from other learners. Rohan, if you can give us the same in other languages, including your own, that would be great…and other members. Remember you will get points based on usage, and these easy content items tend to be the most widely used.

Sure Steve. I will see if I can ask Irene to record one in German for me. I will work on an English version too. Is there anyone who would be willing to record it in French?

Ana, I would be pleased to record your introduction in French.
I’ll do as soon as possible.

Ok, Marianne, thanks!
You can send it to apblopes2002 at when you have it done, so I can share it in the library.

hello, im alex and i just made an account on this site and i dont understand how anything works because my computer wont let me acces the demo or the help function. i would really appreciate some help.

If you have Skype you can call me on Skype whenever I am online. My Skypename is lingosteve. I would be only too happy to explain. Just mention that you are a LingQ member when you make contact. That goes for anyone else too.